As a small , you are not required to pay the employer portion of Paid Leave Oregon contributions but you will still need to submit your employees’ portions. Based on the number of employees you have and the amount you pay in salaries, you can calculate ahead of time how much you will need to pay.


Sign in to eServices® to manage your UnitedHealthcare benefits, update eligibility, pay invoices, find wellness information and more. Tribes are able to opt-in, allowing employees of tribally owned businesses to participate. Tax rates are assigned to all subject employers using the same experience rating formula. Learn how it is calculated and how to protest the tax rate.

Unemployment Appeals

s play an important role in helping workers save for retirement. While CalSavers was created to support employees, it is also designed to be as easy as possible for all employers.


Complying with the law when doing business with the Federal Government. Follow up with your employees periodically to make sure the conflict is fully resolved. Document everything in writing and have all employees involved in the dispute sign and acknowledge that the issue was resolved. This allows you to have a record of the incident in the event of another dispute with the same employee or employees. Work towards finding a middle ground in which all employees involved are satisfied with the resolution. Serve as an unbiased mediator and allow all employees involved to give their sides of the story before concluding who, if anyone, is at fault.

Equivalent Plan

Participants saving through CalSavers beneficially own and have control over their IRAs, as provided in the Program Disclosure Booklet available at CalSavers is not sponsored by the, and therefore the employer is not responsible for the Program or liable as a Program sponsor.

  • Serve as an unbiased mediator and allow all employees involved to give their sides of the story before concluding who, if anyone, is at fault.
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  • That’s ok, watch this recording from the CalSavers team.
  • After completing these steps for the first time, you’ll maintain your account by adding and removing employees and submitting payroll deductions each pay period.

The survey asked these workers a broad assortment of questions to gauge their understanding and appreciation of their retirement plans. All employees of a participating employer are eligible as long as they are at least age eighteen and have the status of an employee under California law. There are no minimum requirements based on hours worked or tenure with their employer.

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